The costs related to CMMC certification

CMMC certification is an entirely new requirement for businesses, and the total costs that companies will incur on CMMC certification are still being determined. The CMMC certification costs will differ by level of certification and possibly be recurring. The difference in costs will be because of the scope of activities required by each certification level. The financial resources and theRead the rest of this page »

The importance of Mobile DevOps and how does it benefit

Mobile is being used as the main source of accessing the internet in the current times. Therefore, many businesses have developed mobile applications for their business to keep up with the times. IT industries have been focusing on making a market existence and fulfilling the market demand. The developers, however, ignored the app security, quality of the code, development costsRead the rest of this page »

Understanding Ransom ware and its potential Threat to IT security

Ransomware is commonly defined as malicious software or malware that threatens to block access or publish the data or a computer system until the attacker gets paid by the victim of the ransomware attack. Some simple ransomware locks systems so that they can be reversed easily by a knowledgeable person. But many ransomware attackers use advanced malware, which is termedRead the rest of this page »